SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ defines FALL ’21– “…WITH LOVE, XO” – as the embodiment of “Nancy Wilson” composed by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. The capsule collection’s neutral undertones, structured silhouettes and minimalistic approach reflects what the brand is known for – modernizing classic menswear staples.

While focused on ‘fit & feel,’ dark settings are mirrored with cashmere-wool blend overcoats, novel printed shirts, and wool-sateen double-breasted sport jackets. Branded cashmere blended sweatshirts are also introduced with the launch of the new collection AS THE BRAND CONTINUES TO MERGE THE FLAIR OF UPTOWN WITH THE NOBILITY OF DOWNTOWN.
“…WITH LOVE, XO” is SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ embracing the season as an intimate moment.